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Discover how easy it is to grow your business

posCentral will transform your business making selling and managing your sales a breeze,  whether you are a single store or multiple stores. You'll know exactly what is happening in your stores...its all so simple

Reliable Cloud Based Point of Sale Software

posCentral works online and offline. Keep transacting even when your internet connection fails.

  User Security

Security is provided through password controls at different levels. So you can set POS for many functions to require a supervisor over-ride. High level of security helps reduce possible fraud.

        Cloud Technology

Cloud based point of sale that works even if the internet goes down. POS will resync when the internet is back up so nothing is lost. 

You'll have complete confidence with your data in the cloud allowing you to access your data from anywhere at anytime.

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  Get to know your Customers

Keep track of customers purchase history. Collect customer information. You have the ability to target market customers who have purchased a specific product so you could broadcast a sales promotion or possibly sell companion products. Send a digital receipt. Read more...


it doesnt matter if your one store or a chain of stores, you'll have centralised control and analysis. Your head office will have analytical data for each store. You can enquire on another store to determine if they have stock available. You'll know your top selling stores.

  Integrate with 

POS has direct integration with popular accounting systems. You can add customers on the fly which will automatically add to both posCentral and your accounting system.

 Sell on the Go

There is no need to be at a register, you can be walking around the store helping customer enquirers, even selling products on your Windows Tablet.  

This is especially useful for managing queues at the register for busy periods.   Read More...

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